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An experiment to redefine elementary education


My Big Campus is an open and free platform that collaborates with organizations worldwide to extend access to learners. Presently, we are partnering with Barwaaqo University in Somaliland to reach learners in remote villages. Reflecting the ethos of the Open Education Movement, My Big Campus advocates for the belief that knowledge should be freely accessible to all, akin to the air we breathe.

Online Volunteering

My Big Campus serves as a platform where volunteers from corporate India can contribute to society by creating content and conducting live classes for children across India. Through partnerships with organizations such as the Tata Group, we aim to facilitate a meaningful teaching- learning experience for volunteers, fostering community engagement and social impact.

Course Content

Our course content and design embrace the latest open-source learning tools, including machine-graded assignments, interactive content, and engaging assessments. Our platform offers courses aligned with NCERT and SSC syllabi, accessible to students both on campus and at home. With a dedicated team, we're devoted to promoting equity in education through innovative digital solutions.

About Us

Towards educational equity

Tamarind Tree and Nomad bring over a decade of experience in leveraging technology for primary education, particularly for marginalized children. Aligned with the global Open Education movement, we believe in the democratization of knowledge. 

My Big Campus embodies this ethos, offering an ecosystem of open digital tools and infrastructure at the Tamarind Tree campus in Dahanu Taluka, Maharashtra. 

The platform hosts NCERT and SSC syllabus-driven courses accessible to children both on campus and at home. Our dedicated team is committed to advancing equity in education through modern digital tools.

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